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With over 30 years of experience with real estate law in northern Michigan, you can rest assured that Pagels Law P.C. can handle your case no matter how simple or complex it might be. We have dealt extensively with ownership issues common to Northern Michigan residents. We are committed to protecting your interests and providing you with knowledgeable, aggressive representation if a real estate dispute arises.

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We are committed to protecting your interests


Pagels Law P.C. specializes in real estate transactions and litigation, together with estates, trusts, zoning, insurance, construction and family law. We are experienced and committed to working hard for our clients.




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James F. Pagels,
Attorney at Law


Mary Hubel
Mary H.
02:09 03 Mar 20
Jim Pagels took our case at the 11th hour and helped our community defeat a costly township proposal. He was clear about the material we needed to gather for him so there was no time wasted. He took the time to study and really understand the tangled problem. He gave analysis out of knowledge of the situation and his experience, and explained his plan. Jim and Pam are so personable and kind. We weren’t treated like just another case, to them we were people they were dedicated to help.
Connie Van huis
Connie Van H.
14:35 27 Feb 20
They have been very professional in handling the estate.
Shannon Shiloh Landon Jefferson
Shannon Shiloh Landon J.
15:40 19 Feb 20
Great people to work with!!!
Larry Larson
Larry L.
12:46 11 Sep 19
Benaway & Pagels helped me thru a stressful time. Jim and Pam were professional and courteous every step of the way. Pam was always very helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services.
mark dietz
mark D.
15:46 11 Apr 19
Jim and Pam have advised me in 5 separate property acquisitions over the last 5 years. I hold Jim in the highest regard to his knowledge of real estate law. Literally, Jim has saved me thousands of dollars in legal actions by advising me to withdraw - when I really did not want to hear that. Later in time, the final purchaser endured hefty legal bills trying to get out of what Jim told me was going to happen. Actually happened to me twice on two separate transactions with two separate issues that I was not aware of. Jim and Pam are professional, courteous and return phone calls promptly.You may not like to hear what Jim tells you, but in my situation, he has saved me a ton of money and heartache.I will not enter into another transaction without Jim in my court!The guy who has put on a negative review must not have had a case and probably didn't listen to Jim's advice.
Joe clevers
Joe C.
11:54 22 Sep 18
Both Jim and his assistant are professional, courteous, and easy to work with. My brother has been a circuit court judge and a federal judge for decades. He reviewed our case, read over the briefs Jim had to write for us and he talked to Jim at length about our dispute. He confirmed our perception of Jim as an intelligent, thorough, and diligent attorney. He complimented Jim on his excellent brief preparation and writing skills, that he says are not found in many cases! We have been very happy with our choice in an attorney - Jim has really gone to bat for us!
Peggy Radzwion
Peggy R.
15:37 28 Aug 18
This office is very professional, efficient, and easy to work with. They also answer questions you have after everything is completed. Highly recommended to anyone.
Shelly Reaume
Shelly R.
18:15 24 Aug 18
Mr. Pagels recently assisted our family with a very sensitive property issue. Our meetings with him were friendly, polite, professional, and informative. his relaxed style made us comfortable making our thoughts and opinions known, and his thorough understanding of the issues and people involved were vital to presenting our case in a positive way. He was able to explain some of the complicated and convoluted issues involved in a clear and informative manner, and went out of his way to give us background on certain relevant issues and people we would not otherwise have known aboutFollowing our first meeting with him, we pulled together more information and background than he could possibly use for our second meeting. Mr. Pagels met this with very good grace and then worked with us to pare our information down to the key points . We really appreciated his willingness to listen to what we had to say, to adapt his presentation to reflect our ideas, and to guide our presentation to present our case in a positive light.Mr. Pagels accompanied us to our hearing and made a thorough, professional, to-the-point presentation that we feel was instrumental in obtaining our goal. Without his knowledge, guidance, and support we doubt this would have been possible.We would recommend Mr. Pagels to anyone in need of legal advice in his area of specialty, and will not hesitate to ask for his help should the need come up.
02:07 01 Jul 18
We had a very unique, challenging & "tricky" real estate legal matter involving a family member, which had us thinking we might actually be forced to move from our residence. Mr Pagels & his staff were outstanding during the rollercoaster few months that it took to remedy this situation, in our favor. There were several times when we felt swamped with "legal-ise" and Jim took the time to explain things in plain English, which was very much appreciated!!! We will absolutely recommend this legal firm to friends & family in the future. "Four thumbs up!!!"Mike & Shari W.
Pamela Tavernier
Pamela T.
13:53 29 Jun 18
Mr. Pagels has been my attorney for close to 10 years. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He has always taken the time to answer all of my questions in everyday language and had lead me through many difficult decisions. I continue to refer Mr. Pagels to friendsand family.
Janet Hood
Janet H.
18:07 18 Jan 18
James was helpful at a time that was difficult for me. He helped me to better understand the implications of decisions required of me. His office was efficient and his assistant was easy to work with. He pursued my case with energy and brought me a successful resolution. Not all of these things have always been true of every attorney I have dealt with.
Betty Allen
Betty A.
22:40 17 Jan 18
We have consulted Jim on legal matters for the last 20 years and have always found him to be very patient and detailed oriented in all legal matters. Never been disappointed in his advice!
Brett Chardenet
Brett C.
15:09 01 Jan 18
Jim is exceptionally knowledgeable, thorough and professional. My family and I have been working with him for years and his services are invaluable to us.
Ken Rodgers
Ken R.
18:02 26 Dec 17
I have been a client of Mr Pagel for about 11 years. He has been an excellent attorney, very efficient an speedy. He is meticulous in everything I have hired him to do . His assistant an Mr Pagel makes a good team. I would recommend Mr Pagels Law firm with the highest marks.
Carol Kasper
Carol K.
18:21 23 Dec 17
James Pagels has been my attorney over the last 3+ years on multiple cases. His advice has always been very sound and his responsiveness to my questions, phone calls, and concerns were above and beyond what I expected. He is definitely a "big city" quality attorney serving those of us in rural areas (I am from Grayling and now rural Kentucky). I definitely recommend him for any area of the law he practices if you need an attorney. Oh, and his secretary.....she's just the sweetest lady around!
Kentucky Sapper
Kentucky S.
07:37 23 Dec 17
James Pagels and his secretary did an excellent job with my case. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Heather Peters
Heather P.
23:22 22 Dec 17
Robert Sawyer
Robert S.
19:36 22 Dec 17
James Pagels has been our legal advisor and representative for many years. His professionalism is exemplary. He is a gentleman whose excellent counsel and knowledge has earned our trust and admiration.
New Life
New L.
18:50 22 Dec 17